Poetry Challenge / Day 30: prompt farewell

>> 4.30.2009

The First Farewell

All weekend long you held me close, loved
me tight, and rocked me to sleep every night
after reading me just one more favorite bedtime

story. We played jacks and chased balls, watched
that funny man splashing around in the rain on the t.v.
while you sang along, and we laughed like Sunday would

never arrive. But, Sunday came, as it always does,
and you had to leave once more. All the joy, all
the laughter that we had shared fled, vanquished

by the sorrow and the fear that maybe, this time,
you would forget to come back, and I would be all
alone. As your old blue VW rumbled down the drive,

then turned into the street, I followed you flailing
my arms and waving my hands while tears bathed
my face. My arms and legs pumped harder than

they ever had, but three was too young to race a car.
As the vehicle carrying you away from me reached
the corner, nearly out of sight, I yelled as loud as I could,

“I love you, Mommy. Don’t forget to come back next week.”


29 Complete, only 1 more to go!

>> 4.29.2009

Well, I have survived 29 days of the Poetic Asides 2009 Poetry Challenge. I have posted 29 poems, including the dreaded sestina.

A sestina, by the way, is a form poem consisting of 39 lines in 6 stanzas of 6 lines and a final stanza of 3 lines. 6 words are repeated as the last line of each of the 6 stanzas in varying order, and then 2 each in each line of the final tercet. Poetic Asides, obviously, has a good explanation and shows the repeat pattern as does Wikipedia.

Just so you know, it was a complete pain! Definately a stretch for someone who prefers free verse. Final day tomorrow - joy, joy! It has been a good experience for me; it forced me to write every day and to get over that feeling that I must wait for inspiration to strike.

Thank you to everyone for their support. It was, and is most appreciated!


Poetry Challenge / Day 29: prompt phrase "Never (blank)"

Never Say Never

Never let life get you down,
don’t get caught up in endless

rounds of could-I should-I,
block your ears from hearing

that it’s not realistic, don’t believe
that dreams won’t come true,

Forget living in the so-called real world,
ignore those who state it will never

happen for you. Instead, remember
to dream large, fly high, design life

the way you want it to be. Just remember
to build a solid foundation to support

your dreams, and never say never.


Poetry Challenge / Day 28: prompt write a sestina


The absolute magic of extraordinary music
is always encapsulated inside or within
the creative arrangement of it notes
and words that allow it to touch the shadows
of the human heart. It can depress, or lighten
the spirit and mind, or capture a memory;

it can become a symbol, or a memorial
to those we have lost. Various musical
pieces recapture joy or hope; they enlighten
the mind feeding it vibrations to aid in
learning, or help to set a mood. Shades
of color may be attributed to the notes.

The color blue is probably the most notable
referencing a style made exceptionally memorable
by its innate capacity to reach into the shadowy
wasteland of our psyche and give birth, musically
speaking, to the deepest emotions found within.
Whether it’s wailing loudly, or whispering lightly,

it resonates with us. Sometimes, it’s like a lightning
strike stabbing the heart. You’d swear every word, every tone
was speaking directly to you, and was ripped from within
your secret heart, that unendingly painful well of memories
we keep inside a locked closet until the day a skilled musician
searches long enough, delves deep enough to unlock that shadowland

we hide away. Once the key is found and turned, the shades
of emotion escape through the door heading for the light
where they dance and twirl in tune with the syncopated music
while they reach outward with grasping fingers to catch the notes
that reverberate on the air. Almost corporeal, each memory
partners with a special song that strives to free the spirit within.

Some artists have a special capacity allowing them to reach inside
mankind, to become explorers charting that invisible land of shadows
that comprise our soul, or, what some call a universal genetic memory.
Whatever you may call it, music appeals to it, and shines a spotlight
into our lives, giving each of us a method by which to notate
special times, made even more special by the presence of music.

The music shaded in hues of blue reaches deep inside
the world and wraps its notes around our darkest shadows
shining its light upon mankind's communal memories.


Poetry Challenge / Day 27: prompt longing

Wishful Dreaming

Seduced by the warmth of the sunlight
shining through the window, the fat gray
cat is enticed to snooze upon the windowsill.

There he longingly dreams about partaking
of succulent dinners filled with glossy
blackbirds captured after a masterful hunt.

Enraptured by his reveries, the somnolent
feline fails to notice the arrival of the little
blackbird now perching outside his sleeping

quarters and peering wistfully inside, gazing
at the slumber-blanketed cat and yearning
for some of that soft gray fur to line her nest.


Poetry Challenge / Day 26: prompt miscommunication

Different Worlds

Sometimes, I think that rather than miscommunication occurring
between the genders, it’s more a matter each speaking separate

languages, of living in different worlds. When he says, I’ll call
you sometime, he means about the same time as the twelfth of never;

yet she hears that he will call her in the next day or so, and when
he doesn’t, her anger grows exponentially with each passing day

her phone remains sullenly silent, and yet he can’t seem
to understand why she yells at him the next time they meet


Poetry Challenge / Day 25: prompt event

Family Reunion

One day each year gathering someplace
catching up on what has occurred during
the year since we last met

Joinings and disjoinings of marriage
and partnership; births, graduations,
striking out on one’s own journey

Ailing and passing, capturing
and recapturing memories of today
and yesterday once more.


Poetry Challenge / Day 24: prompt travel-related

One flying flower
Flitting throughout the garden
Summer traveler


23 days complete!

>> 4.24.2009

Well, I've made it through 23 days of the Challenge and have 23 poems. Some better than others, but it's good to experiment with different forms and styles. Actually, I have written more than the 23 days worth; some were good enough that I am contemplating submitting them. Although, I have to admit, I haven't decided where or when as of yet.

I hope you enjoy my offerings, and happy writing!


Poetry Challenge / Day 23: prompt regret

When Death Arrives

When death arrives to lead me from
this earth, and clasps his hand in mine,
I hope that I’ll hear angel’s wings
and journey to the great divine.

I don’t want to worry about
what I might have done,
or all those someday things
for which someday never comes.

An existence so filled with regrets,
because I’d spent my time in fear,
that I did not accomplish what
I actually hold quite dear.

As such, I try to embrace love,
to give, as well as to receive,
commit to everything I do
and never to deceive.

Immerse myself in happy thoughts,
fill my life with friends,
so that I will welcome death
when my time is at an end.


Poetry Challenge / Day 22: prompt work


Why oh why, can’t I be rich,
Or find a long lost treasure; it
Really sucks being broke, and
Knowing that I have to work.


Poetry Challenge / Day 21: prompt haiku

tiny little frog
forest dweller’s symphony
serenades the dark

proud hawk wings unfurled
gliding upon air thermals
nature’s windsurfer


Poetry Challenge / Day 20: prompt rebirth

dead earth awakens
daffodil amidst the snow
springtime harbinger


Poetry Challenge / Day 19: prompt angry

vicious hurtful words
airborne missiles finding heart
time to call it quits


Poetry Challenge / Day 18: prompt interaction

busy little bee
flitting between the flowers
like Casanova


Poetry Challenge / Day 17: phrase All I Want is (blank)

All I Want is to Know

Another evening dining alone,
while you are still at work

Another fight, our voices screaming,
doors slamming between us

Another night waiting in the dark,
wondering where you’ve been

Another teardrop stains my pillow,
dreaming of what once was

Another morning without speaking,
now there are no words to say

All I want is to know,
is this the way it’s supposed to be?


Poetry Challenge 2009: Day 16 / Prompt - color

Summer White

Pure white roses and dandelion fuzz
marking summer days

puffy clouds passing by
under a white-hot haze

eyelet lace and dotted Swiss curtains
floating upon the breeze

pollen whispers through the air
making everyone sneeze

clear skies with stars of pristine color
and homemade vanilla ice cream

are items that help to make
summer days a dream

these are the things
I remember alright,

all the colors
of summer white.


Poetry Challenge 2009: Day 15 / Prompt - favorite poem alteration

(Carl Sandburg’s poem, Fog)

The Smog

The smog arrives
wearing combat boots.

It hovers, smothering
the city and people
like a toxic blanket
awaiting the Apocalypse.


Poetry Challenge 2009: Day 14 / Two for Tuesday: prompt - love / anti-love poem

Fire in the Night

You come to me, hold me close,
Breathe softly across my skin,
Caress each curve with dancing fingers
Soft as moonlight,
While a jasmine wind sighs through
Our room.

You come to me, merge with me,
Breath to breath, fevered skin burning,
Heartbeats twinning, hands buried
In my hair,
Tenderly murmuring words beloved
By hopeful ears.

You come to me with open heart
And loving touch, wondrous mind,
Anchor and solace, future’s dream,
Cherishing me,
Warming me like a fire
In the night.


Poetry Challenge 2009: Day 13 / Prompt - hobby


Bright balls are rolling
Over wax-slicked
Wooden boards; well it
Looks like it’s my turn now.
I hope that I can throw a strike.
Not that way, you stupid ball,
Guttering’s not the way to score.


12 Down

>> 4.16.2009

Here are 6 more entries; I'm up to day 12 now! Since this is day 16, I'm only 4 behind. Some of these have been easy, and some have been very difficult. But, the deadline of 30 poems in 30 days is keeping me constantly thinking on writing, filling every spare minute. And, that's very good.

While I'm writing for new prompts, I am also going back over the poems posted here for revisions before submitting the final versions to Poetic Asides. After the Challenge is complete, the judges will select 50 poems to be published in an E-book, so think good thoughts. Perhaps, I'll luck out, who knows?


Poetry Challenge 2009: Day 12 / Prompt "So we decided to (Blank)

So We Decided to No Longer See

The match was tossed
the fire lit
fields and houses burned
chaotic inferno
it hurt to watch
so we decided
to no longer see

The solders were sent
the war invited
bodies and lives destroyed
hell on earth
it hurt to watch
so we decided
to no longer see

The insult was uttered
the riot incited
souls and spirits desolated
intolerance nation
it hurt to watch
so we decided
to no longer see

The love was offered
the gift given
substance and essence uplifted
to a state of grace
but we
had forgotten
how to watch

so we could
no longer see


Poetry Challenge 2009: Day 11 / Prompt - an object

The Old Windmill

In the distance
a sentinel slumps
weary and forlorn
a solitary watcher
with nothing
left to see

its vanes reached
outward, always seeking
the wind’s embrace
swiveling and swooping
like a hawk
hunting thermals
on which to soar

its body sang
with a joyous heartbeat
pumping silver liquid
harvesting and gifting
spilling out precious
life essence
across the land

its eye beheld
endless horizons
rolling verdure
speckled by cattle
hides gleaming
like midnight sun

it watched over
countless children
future’s inhabitants
playing at its feet
in shimmering water

its body bleeds rust
its melancholy vanes
hum intermittent notes
its dead eyes watch
wistfully over spiky-brown
fields desolate


no offspring to keep
no purpose to fulfill
proud sentry no longer
a dusty relic
just the old windmill
listing in the wind


Poetry Challenge 2009: Day 10 / Prompt - Friday


Finally arrived
Ready to start
Into the weekend
Depart from work
At long last
Yes, it’s Friday!


Poetry Challenge 2009: Day 9 / a memory

Requiem for Lucille

(for my grandmother, Lucille Bunch Davis)

A second mother
to her daughter’s daughter,
keeper of secrets, teller
of stories, builder of dreams
She loved greatly
and was greatly loved
Sunrise to sunset
and beyond, working
Jill-of-all-trades -
builder, baker,
seamstress, gardener,
farmer, cook,
and sage
Like a hen with
a young chick
she sheltered me
beneath her wings
guided faltering
feet to solid ground
dried gushing tears
provided solace
defended sleep
from nightmare intrusions
she instilled learning
bestowed knowledge
built security
teacher, parent,
and friend
Foundation solid.
Paths diverged.
I discovered
new roads,
she lost
her way.
Insidiously arrived
nightmare universe
full of dementia traps
wormholes to time-loops
yesterday is now
and tomorrow
never comes
Foundation shattered.
Lost soul wandering
alone, remembrances vanished.
She’s now departed;
still, I keep her
memory burning
in my heart,
my eternal flame.


Poetry Challenge 2009: Day 8 / Prompt - Routine(s)

Daily Routine

The alarm bleats
easy-listening sounds
announcing time
to get up

they both roll
out of bed
he from the left
she from the right

while she shuffles to the kitchen
coffee first, breakfast next
he heads to the bathroom
shower and shave to face the day

Exchange positions

he to the kitchen
and she to the bath
passing on the right
nod friendly now

he downs his breakfast
she completes her ablutions
back to the room they share

closet browse
dress for work
she dresses for success
high-rise bound

he dons jeans and flannel
loads the truck
Out the door
off to work
Drop the wife at the station
before heading to the job
Mustn’t forget
the kiss on the cheek

lives divide

do the job
to pay the bills

five o’clock
reverse the route
homeward bound

hi’ya, honey
home again
fix the dinner
do the dishes
any laundry?
feed the dog
don’t forget to take out the trash

do you want to?
not tonight, honey.
okay, another
night of CNN
same old
same old

plop down
on the sofa
only three feet
may as well
be the great
separate lives
at a crossroads


Poetry Challenge 2009: Day 7 / Two for Tuesday; Prompt - dirty and/or clean

Dusty roads
dirty car
dun clouds roiling
in the rearview mirror
tailgater, hitchhiker
on the way home.

Clouds tumble
through the sky
lightning races
to the ground
rain deluges
washing world -
heavenly cleaner.


6 down, only 24 more to go

>> 4.14.2009

Okay, here are the first of my entries for the Challenge, the first 6 days. Please, bear in mind that these are very rough with little or no editing and may never be more than something to meet the requirements of the Challenge. And, yes - I having some catching up to do as today is day 14.

My hope is that the 30 plus prompts will give me a lot of dross from which I may be able to pull some, well, if not gold, maybe pyrite. Enjoy, and happy writing!


Poetry Challenge 2009: Day 6 / Prompt - something missing

Empty Room

Yesterday blurred
into day, is fading
into tomorrow

Go to work
every morning
Come home
each evening

Wash and fold
laundry done
Suds and rinse
dishes cleaned

Spritz and wipe
dusting complete
Rumbling journey
floors vacuumed

Keep busy
Don’t think

about the journey
down the hall

past that room
now empty

except for

the silent crib


Poetry Challenge 2009: Day 5 / Prompt - landmark

Lady Liberty

Standing strong
Crowned with grace
Majestic woman
Illuminating beauty

Give us hope
Raise our spirits
Anchor our souls
Protect our shores

Grant us compassion
Peace and tolerance
Sight the horizon
Lead us safely home


Poetry Challenge 2009: Day 4 / Prompt - an animal

Sadie, or Dog, Gone

She came to me
from the pet lost

and found; you know
the one, where they

wait to die.
A gift from the ex.

Probably the best
present, not counting

the painful,
expensive divorce.

A spaniel, soft
and fluffy

with amber spots
on a coat of cream.

Melting chocolate eyes,
ever-grinning mouth,

her tail flew
like a banner in the wind.

For eighteen years
she was companion,

friend, unconditional
love-giver, cuddle-buddy,

and stealer of the pillow.
Always there for me.

They’re both gone now;
Sadie, and the ex.

I miss her still.


Poetry Challenge 2009: Day 3 / Prompt - The Problem with (blank)

The Problem with Time

The problem with time
is passage
Age fifteen, it travels too slowly
Age forty-five, it moves too quickly

Now here, then gone.

The problem with time
is loss
Forgotten memories, vanished people
The body’s tired, the mind drooping

The problem with time
is swiftly fading
from this earth


Poetic Challenge 2009: Day 2 / Prompt - an outsider

Lost Outside

sobs ripple
across the dark

Sorrow stabs
a hurtful spear
into her breast

Hollowness invades
laying waste
to spirit

Empty days
aching nights;
she’s no Barbie

Thinks too much
feels too deeply
doesn’t fit

Group outcast
always forgotten
never belonging

Lost outside
looking in


Poetry Challenge 2009: Day 1 / Prompt - origin

The Human Origin

One single moment,
two individuals joining,
flowing, merging,
one to the other

Creation. Cells
dividing, multiplying,
growing, expanding

Soul inhabiting,
being departing
the fluid world,
outward bound

the human origin


National Poetry Month

>> 4.10.2009

April is National Poetry Month, and this year, for the first time I'm participating in the Poetic Asides Poetry Challenge 2009. The challenge is to pen 30+ poems during the month of April, one for each day except Tuesday, then it's "Two For Tuesday".

As such, most of what you will be seeing is poetry, and it will be in a rough draft stage. The challenge is to write the poems - not the quality. As I've always been told, you can't revise what hasn't been written yet. By the way, I actually do write prose -- as a general rule, that is my preferred form. (There are a few items in earlier postings if you're interested.)

For additional information on National Poetry Month, please visit:

If you would like to accept the challenge, visit:

Happy Writing!


Quotes for Today

>> 4.09.2009

Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart.
~William Wordsworth

You must stay drunk on writing so reality cannot destroy you.
~Ray Bradbury

Writing is a struggle against silence.
~Carlos Fuentes


Literati: Follow up

>> 4.07.2009

Well, I attended the poetry reading by Billy Collins at TU. It was great! He read from both current and past books, so I heard poems to which I had not been previously exposed. Now, I have to go looking for some of his earlier works so that I will be able to reread them.

I even had him sign one of his books - something I don't do very often.

It surprised me somewhat to find that it was better read by the poet himself. When I read, I bring my own experiences to the poem. When Billy Collins read, I felt that I gained insight into him that I had missed during my own readings. I guess because I heard and felt more clearly his own experience during his reading.

If you have a chance to hear him, I highly recommend it!



Shades & hues
pale to deep,
tender, tawdry,
like blushing cheeks,
firelight glittering,
scarlet embers
against the night,
warming, arousing
velvet petals
fluttering alight
richly rose
precious fluid
drops of life
vibrant crimson
carmine skies of morn,
days forsaking,
titian gloaming
roseate sands, rusty clay,

nature’s palette rouge.

© 2009 Lisa G. Beaudoin


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