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>> 4.07.2009

Well, I attended the poetry reading by Billy Collins at TU. It was great! He read from both current and past books, so I heard poems to which I had not been previously exposed. Now, I have to go looking for some of his earlier works so that I will be able to reread them.

I even had him sign one of his books - something I don't do very often.

It surprised me somewhat to find that it was better read by the poet himself. When I read, I bring my own experiences to the poem. When Billy Collins read, I felt that I gained insight into him that I had missed during my own readings. I guess because I heard and felt more clearly his own experience during his reading.

If you have a chance to hear him, I highly recommend it!


Spirit 4/8/09, 5:02 PM  

Ah, wonderful! Comments are so much easier to leave now- I hope that helps you receive many more but you might also want to open them up to URL/name, I've never included anonymous comments but I used to always allow the URL/name ones because many people host their own blogs and thus don't have a blogger act. or open id. ;) Just a note.

About you post, I completely agree. It's something so different and amazing when a writer reads their own work. When we read something we reinterperate it but to hear it in the voice that brought it to life in the first place... it's just amazing. :) I'll have to check out this Billy Collins.

Spirit 4/8/09, 5:20 PM  

By the way, I added you to my blogroll on my personal blog (the one listed on blogcatalog) so hopefully you'll start getting some more traffic over here, it's randomized so you might not see it on the first page load. I also made a tiny shout out on my writing blog with a link to you, it's in the latest post 'personal note.'

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