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>> 11.30.2009

Tooting my own horn, here - I was selected as a Favorite Writer for the Quarter on Poetry Dances.  I really appreciate this as there are many, many excellant poets in this forum. 

Thank you, Poetry Dances!


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House of Fear

>> 11.23.2009

Fear lives
inside each of us,
peering outward,
ancient eyes of hate and bias.
Bigotry, racism, sins of all mankind,
one against the other. It feeds
upon the darkness inside us,
insidious, sneaky, a failing of heart
and mind. It fights against truth,
the light of creation and life itself

an all-encompassing orifice through
which knife-edged words spill
spoilage and shame

Fear cocoons,
building walls, dividing,
defeating. It blinds the eyes
from sight and deafens the ears
from hearing. It spiderwebs
outward, geometric rays of captivity,
capturing the grains of truth.
It lives inside the prison
of our minds refusing
to embrace the sun

a cavern of abysmal dark, full of ice
shards that razor, slicing deep,
bloodied and unbowed

Fear resides
inside the grain of spirit,
within the crannies of the soul,
slithering around corners, hiding,
then striking like a snake
poisoning everything, biting
sharp teeth into the muscles,
creating paralysis, afraid to leave,
afraid to stay.


News: Poem featured on PoetryDances.com

>> 11.16.2009

My poem, "Ancient Song", is a featured selection for this quarter at PoetryDances.com; http://poetrydances.com/poemsnov09jan10.htm   I actually posted it in September, and you saw it first!



>> 11.10.2009

In the city, you forget about the stars
seeing only streetlight’s incandescence
instead of the illumination of nature.

The eye is blinded by imitation, coronas
blazing, fading out the sky, covering
night’s soft beauty, turning it into false day.

At work’s end, I travel home away from
the constant stimulation, the incessant
24-hour daylight, into the softness painted

midnight-blue, pierced only with crystal light,
glowing in the blanket overhead, and rediscover
the wondrous shapes above from tales told

and retold around campfires, and the endless
dreams flying through the sky.


Red Dirt Book Festival

>> 11.08.2009

Spent Friday and Saturday at the Red Dirt Book Festival in Shawnee, OK.  It is a biennial event put together by the library system that brings authors, poets, scholars together with book lovers and aspiring writers.

I really enjoyed it; learned a few things, got to see some of my favorite authors.  Even spoke with some of them.  Everyone was approachable, and more than willing to give of their time and experiences.  I was privileged to hear Sharon Sala, Jordan Dane, Billie Letts, Mel Odem, Michele Bardsley, and several others speak.  Got a chance to actually meet and hold a short coversation with Michele Bardsley who is very gracious and congenial.

All in all - a great experience which refreshed my commitment to writing.  I also have an opportunity to submit a written work of up to 3,000 words to the Red Dirt anthology which is only open to which participants and registered attendees.  Deadline is December 15, 2009.  So, now I have to determine what to submit. 



>> 11.02.2009

You might notice several post popping up with old dates.  That's because I was away from my home computer and attempted to post via E-mail.  Operative word - attempted.  I obviously didn't have it set up the way I thought, so the posts were held.  Until today!  Yeh!  Back with my own computer, although still having problems accessing some things.

November is the Poetic Asides Chapbook challenge.  Each day, we're given a prompt to inspire a poem.  The challenge is that we are to determine a theme and then use the prompt to illustrate that theme in some way.  The idea is that at the end of November, we will all have 30 poems to polish, and then have enough of a themed collection to make up a chapbook of 10 - 20 pages.  So that is what I will be working on this month in addition to some other projects already in the works.

Wish me luck! 

Hopefully, I won't be away so long in the future. Thank you for all your wonderful comments and words of encouragement. You keep me going, inspired!



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The name for this blog was inspired by a quote by Nietzsche, below.

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