Poetry Challenge 2009: Day 8 / Prompt - Routine(s)

>> 4.16.2009

Daily Routine

The alarm bleats
easy-listening sounds
announcing time
to get up

they both roll
out of bed
he from the left
she from the right

while she shuffles to the kitchen
coffee first, breakfast next
he heads to the bathroom
shower and shave to face the day

Exchange positions

he to the kitchen
and she to the bath
passing on the right
nod friendly now

he downs his breakfast
she completes her ablutions
back to the room they share

closet browse
dress for work
she dresses for success
high-rise bound

he dons jeans and flannel
loads the truck
Out the door
off to work
Drop the wife at the station
before heading to the job
Mustn’t forget
the kiss on the cheek

lives divide

do the job
to pay the bills

five o’clock
reverse the route
homeward bound

hi’ya, honey
home again
fix the dinner
do the dishes
any laundry?
feed the dog
don’t forget to take out the trash

do you want to?
not tonight, honey.
okay, another
night of CNN
same old
same old

plop down
on the sofa
only three feet
may as well
be the great
separate lives
at a crossroads


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The name for this blog was inspired by a quote by Nietzsche, below.

"Dancing in all its forms cannot be excluded from the curriculum of all noble education; dancing with the feet, with ideas, with words, and, need I add that one must also be able to dance with the pen?" ~ Friedrich Nietzsche

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