The Party Line

>> 2.03.2010

Waiting for the light to change
from red to green, my eye was caught
by a covey of pigeons perching
on the telephone line overhead.

Thirty-five birds snuggled together
in a line watching all of us trapped
in our vehicles by the vagaries of traffic.

What murmured secrets do they share?
Or perhaps, they’re just
preparing to take aim?

Suddenly, I remember childhood telephone
calls when neighbor-women chattered
endlessly on party lines telling tales,
skewering those not present.


Bernadine 2/7/10, 9:53 PM  

You have such a talent with words and I always enjoy a visit to your blog to read your lovely words. I also wanted to stop by to let you know that I’ve just given your blog a ‘thumbs up’ award. I think your blog is wonderful and truly look forward to future visits. To find out more visit:

Margaret Hall 2/17/10, 10:16 AM  

This rang a bell with me...Ahhh, those party lines...
Well done work!

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