End Notes

>> 1.29.2010

Our favorite world
is almost over –
clock counting down
until it’s gone.

we had rainy Sundays,
croissants and café au lait
savored over the New York Times,
snuggling together,
spooning so close moonlight
couldn’t slip between our skin.

we have knife-edged confrontations,
disconsolate tears,
locked doors delineating
the abyss between us,
your attorney meeting mine
during tee time at the club.

the judgment shall be decreed,
every line read, finalized,
our signatures placed just so.

And then,
our world will be undone,
no more passage together,
just uncharted roads
we each must travel


lakeviewer 1/30/10, 8:42 PM  

Oh, it cuts. Great poem.

Analuka 1/31/10, 4:23 PM  

Hello! I'm also a lover of the words, of poetry and literature - and because of this I arrived at your blog! I think you maybe don't understand portuguese, but in despite of this I invite you to visit my site and give your opinion about my art, with the words and the colours... Blue kisses for you!!!

Susannah 2/3/10, 3:27 AM  

Another beautiful, well observed and poignant piece of writing.

I loved "spooning so close moonlight couldn’t slip between our skin."

Nature Nut /JJ Loch 2/3/10, 4:07 PM  

Beautiful poetry. Love your blog!!! Beautiful pics too.

Sometimes it's easier to fix what is broken than to begin again. I see that in hindsight.

Hugs, JJ

Carl 2/3/10, 10:53 PM  

Hi Lisa,
Very powerful writing. This is the first time i have visited your site.I enjoyed it very much. I look forward to reading you in the future.

Analuka 2/4/10, 1:45 PM  

Hello! I'm waiting for your visit! Blue kisses.

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