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>> 9.21.2009

One of my poems, Tasting Truth, has been selected for inclusion in's selected poetry for this quarter.  I'm very proud of this as I am in the company of very good poets.  I hope you take time to check out the offerings on  If you like poetry, this is the place to come and read some of the best on the Web.  (Of course, I might be just a tad prejudiced, hhhmmmm?)


Angie 9/21/09, 5:30 PM  

What a great poem! Congratulations.

lakeviewer 9/21/09, 7:46 PM  

Congratulations! And thanks for sharing the link.

nothing profound 9/22/09, 10:28 AM  

Congratulations, Lisa! And well-deserved!

Steph Infection 9/24/09, 4:53 PM  

Congratulations ♥

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