The Raging Sun

>> 9.15.2009

Dreams slip blindly
into the raging sun
of mind and heart.

Pieces of hope,
wishes pierced
from memory past,
into the future,
heart’s desire,
love enraged,
hate disarmed.

Each night dreaming
into day’s dawning.

Entreating, hoping
no more leaving.
Fighting, hating,
partnership dissolving.
Love absconding,
aloneness stealing
around my door.

Dreams die hard
in the raging sun.

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Shadow 9/16/09, 12:45 AM  

love dissolving... sad this reality.

Silent Poet Klaus 9/16/09, 4:08 AM  

love enraged,
hate disarmed.

I like the irony behind "love enraged". Nice form.

lakeviewer 9/16/09, 4:05 PM  

Love the sentiment.

Anonymous 9/17/09, 2:44 AM  

If the sun could speak....

nothing profound 9/22/09, 10:31 AM  

The eternal drama: dreams destroyed and the pitiless sun.

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