Ancient Song

>> 9.22.2009

As the last kiss of night waltzes
with dawn’s light across the melancholy
sky, shimmering fog hovers, masking
the forest eternal in blanketed silence.

A blur crosses visual periphery as one denizen
of this wild abode sneaks homeward from nightly
revel. No populace, no towering concrete nor steel.

No overrun of vehicular smog, no noise, just still
surround. Above, a canopy of wild green dripping
condensate; below, leaf pack muffling this visitor’s
progress and behind, solitary footprints. Ahead,

a tunnel leads to a secret place. Glimmering light
guides this seeker through encompassing woods,
each step one closer to a singular miracle. Sudden

arrival stutters the breath into a duet with the soughing
breeze rippling all around. My sanctuary, nature's chapel,
a grove of old ones encircles a clearing, a woodland
garden ablaze, a firestorm in red, and a stream singing

an ancient song to guide this seeker home.


Fenix9 9/23/09, 12:06 PM  

Wow. This is really an enthralling poem.

Spirit 9/23/09, 7:37 PM  

Squee! I'm alive! Sorry I haven't been around in forever. Life kind of snuck up on me and wouldn't let go or awhile. :) I'm back though and loving the new look of your blog by the way. It has a 'you' feel to it instead of just another web page and I also like these pop up comments. It allows me to comment as I read as I'm often want to do. :) Of course this may also mean my comments will be longer than usual but aren't they always?

Eee! I love the words you use from the moment the passage begins. You have such a beautiful voice through your words. You're so very inspiring and I can see and feel the images in my mind with such clarity. You've gained so much confidence as a writer/poet and I can feel it in every word. :) Keep up the awesome work. Methinks I feel a prosy something in me I need to go jot down briefly.

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