As Least As Much

>> 3.22.2010

When my life counts down
to that final time – that final hour,
what will I wonder; what will I wish
I had not left yet undone?

I would wonder why
my “someday” never came,
why I left so late (was it too late),
the dreams of my heart -
to visit the birthplaces of my ancestors,
to create beauty wherever I could;

I will wonder for what
I shall be remembered -
a good friend,
a beloved child
a loving heart?

I will wish
for someone special
to hold my hand and guide
my journey homeward;

and, I shall hope
the passing of my life has meant
at least as much
as the flutter
of a butterfly’s wings.


June_Butterfly 3/23/10, 12:49 AM  

So deeply moving and beautiful!

I guess we all wonder what our last thoughts will be on our journey home.

Susan Deborah 3/23/10, 7:56 AM  

How much ever we think of the last moments, it does not suffice. It seems incomplete. A thought of what is to come seems irresistible but then the present slowly melts away.

Joy always,

Deborah Guerin (Twitter - @dgdreamin) 3/23/10, 10:00 AM  

I was touched & warmed by your poem 'As Least As Much', enough so, that I felt compelled to comment (which I rarely do. I'll revisit your blog later to read more, and will begin following you on Twitter. I hope you continue to share your thoughts through writing.

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