The Wild Wood

>> 8.30.2009

Once she ran through a wild wood
where trees had faces that gazed upon the sun
and voices that spoke in softly rustling wind.
Their arms lifted her as she climbed into the sky;
their bodies became her shelter from life’s sudden storms.

In the midst of that wild wood lived
the friends that joined her play. The dryads
wisped through the possum grapes, laughter
trilling and singing across the glades
as her child-self chased behind.

The fairies flitted among the leaves
dancing on the vines overhead, tickling
and teasing against her skin as she slid
down the creek bank then together skipping
hand-in-hand across the dappled water.

From the cavern near the creek slipped
the amethyst-eyed dragon that flew
the child across the sundown sky soaring
higher and higher to touch the clouds
before bringing her safely home once more,

then reappearing within her nightly dreams.


Berowne 9/4/09, 6:58 AM  

Beautiful lines, LisaB. I'm so new to this that it took me quite a while to figure out how to get around to thanking you and the others who posted in my blog: Savage Reflections. Let's stay in touch.

Shadow 9/15/09, 12:43 AM  

what a read! pure exhilaration!!!

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