A Million Dollar Tale

>> 7.22.2009

I was recently asked what I would
do with a million dollars tax-free.
Well, it would have to be tax-free
wouldn’t it, or the IRS would abscond
with, oops, I mean, collect
at least fifty percent.

But, what would I do?
Pay it off and pay it down,
buy it outright, make it work,
build upon it.
Grab a piece
of the American Dream,
my house in the country,
a patchwork of sod, something
to call my own, to hold and keep,
to nurture and be nurtured by,
a haven.

I guess it would depend
on who presented
the check. If it
was Ed McMahon knocking
on my door, I might pause,

After all, a deceased person
with a check would be
somewhat strange.
Then again, perhaps

more fool I, I’d reach out
(with surely trembling hands)
and grab that check, tear it from his
cold, dead hands
then take off like a proverbial

Do you think the bank
would still deposit
a corpse’s check
with a torn corner?
Ah, but what a tale
to spin for the next
family reunion.


Sharon McPherson: AUTHOR / ARTIST 8/4/09, 12:20 PM  

Brilliant! Your Million Dollar Tale has got me thinking. Ah ... what if? :)

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