Too Much Information

>> 7.12.2010

Feminine products, erectile dysfunction, overactive bladders.
Subjects of endless commercials about things
that really shouldn’t be discussed in public.

Religion, politics, familial dirty laundry.
More topics that always seem to be the subject
of never-ending reality programming.

Don’t you wonder whatever happened to reading?

(This is my first attempt at the sevenling form.)


Aulawi Ahmad 7/13/10, 10:40 AM  

yes i do :)

Susan Deborah 7/13/10, 11:18 AM  

Hmmm. All that gets into the SPAM folder for which I am thankful.

Good attempt :)

Joy always,

Nithin R S 7/14/10, 10:16 AM  

Well, what is sevenling ? well you chose a bold topic to write on.Hats off for that.

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