Finding Poetry Within

>> 5.03.2010

Each word struggles
to be discovered,
birthed into a world
sometimes harsh,
sometimes lost.

Pieces of my soul
courtesy of the muse
within, searching for acceptance
beyond the fences of my heart,
the constraints of the internal critics.

Fledglings taking wing
on the thermals
of uncertainty and reality,
shyly exposing themselves
to all the world.


Muhammad Hamza 5/4/10, 12:06 PM  

Ur poetry just touched my heart..@!
IF it's ur own composition then it's really great.

Singer 5/7/10, 4:05 PM  

"Each word struggles
to be discovered"

ah yes!

i really enjoyed this post - nice writing. ;)

Arash 9/10/10, 1:30 PM  

Nice poem.

I am an amateur poet so I would appreciate it if you visited my blog and let me know what you think:

I was inspired by your poem so...

Words do not speak
They simply sit
Politely and humbly
Waiting for
To call them one by one
And they
in the spotlight
Shy but sure
That they can not
For a moment at least

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