Sacred Moments

>> 12.20.2009

Thank you for the moments,
the life lived within a minute;
little snippets of time, holding
reflections, a world within each

stroke of time, within a grain
of sand upon the shore,
a life lived within the beat
of a bird’s wing, or a heart.

Holding each moment
close to the heart, warming,
sunlight illuminating water,
water whispering over stones,

telling secrets of eons past;
the secrets within each family;
A drop of rain refracting
the world, a world of dreams.

Emotional outpouring, a single
blade of grass heralds the spring;
a sea of green rippling in the breeze,
washing the shore, sandstone

outcroppings reaching for sky,
a blue-fire sky searing the eyes,
eyes that seek the light, finding
the sacred in each moment.


A.J.Johnson 12/21/09, 1:20 AM  

A beautiful post...Happy Holidays and my wish for you in the coming year is that it will be overflowing with new and wonderful accomplishments.

Best Regards,

Cassandra 12/23/09, 11:24 AM  

A very inspiring poem, reminding us of the infinite treasure offered by a glimpse of life -- a blade of grass, the flutter of a bird's wing. Lovely.

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